There’s a Huge Difference between You Running Your Business, and
Your Business Running You

If you’re like many service-preneurs, you started your business in order to set your own schedule, create financial independence for yourself (and your family) and provide quality services to your clients.

You also started your business with freedom in mind—the freedom to pursue a business where you could enjoy your work. Things might be going okay, but now you’re struggling with getting things done at work. For example:

  • You end up feeling like you’re working all the time, but your efforts aren’t being reflected in the bottom line of your bank balance
  • You want and need to bring in more clients, but you’re struggling with how to get work done for the clients you already have
  • You’d like to hire someone but it’s hard to know who to hire. And even if you knew how to find the right person, you’re not sure how you could afford to pay them
  • You no longer feel like you’re in control, and find yourself reacting to, or altogether avoiding both your problems and your clients

In many ways these are good problems to have. They mean there’s room for your business to grow. They also mean it’s time to speak with a professional who can help you identify and clarify which solutions would be the right fit for your specific business situation.

There’s No Need for You to try and Recreate the Wheel on Your Own!

We will work with you to create and implement comprehensive processes in all areas that support your money story, your bookkeeping functionality, your client care practices, etc. Our key objective is to help you get the results you’re seeking for your business. It all begins with Step 1:

Below is a sampling of some of the areas within which we can help you create more flow in your business:

  • Sales and Marketing:
    • Client Inquiries
    • Pre-Qualifying & Qualifying Clients
    • Prospect Follow-Up
    • Pricing and Packaging
  • Client On-Boarding:
    • New Client Intake
    • Existing Client Intake
  • Service Efficiency & Productivity: Profitably producing your services through each phase of the client life cycle including evaluation, partnering up, ongoing support, and termination
  • Internal Operations:
    • Accounting Procedures Manual
    • Time Tracking
    • Scheduling

Want to Know More About How I Can Help You?

How long has it been since you cast an investigative eye on your business’s internal procedures? Do your systems and processes still make as much sense today as when you first put them in place?

Businesses evolve, and the more consistent we are when it comes to evaluating the ways we manage our costs and profits, the more likely we are to stay on track with our goals.

During a complimentary session with me, we’ll start by identifying and clarifying the biggest financial challenge your business is facing right now. Then, we’ll explore what types of systems, processes, and/or support would be a good fit for you and your goals.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my 25 years of working with solo service-preneurs, it’s that delays can be costly. With that thought in mind, I hope you’re ready to take action by taking advantage of this opportunity. If you are, click on the link below.