Are You Friends with Money?


I thought I was friends with money. I thought I had a good relationship with money because I worked with numbers, and I did – other people’s money!  I was able to detach my emotions and clearly “see” what drama a client was acting out through their business.  (And my guess is you probably can do the same thing.) But when it came to my own personal relationship with money, I … [Read more...]

Bookkeepers STOP Providing Free Services

Fellow Bookkeepers it's time to STOP providing services for free! As freelance bookkeepers we are often prone to providing too much information in the quoting process because of our inclination to be helpful. It’s natural for you to respond with how to fix each problem as the client tosses things out during the initial consultation. However, you very quickly realize that with … [Read more...]

Are You Portraying the Image of a Successful Professional Bookkeeper?

Many freelance bookkeepers want to increase their income so that it reflects their true worth. That process starts with picking a reasonable, specific dollar amount to aim for. However, you can’t stop there. You need to stay focused on that number every day, asking yourself, “Am I being and doing the things a six-figure business owner does?” When envisioning your life as a … [Read more...]

Be the Copernicus of the Bookkeeping World

People used to think the earth was flat.  Some people were imprisoned, and even executed, if they suggested the earth revolved around the sun rather than everything revolving around the earth. What does this have to do with you, the freelance bookkeeper?  Antiquated thinking can keep you from venturing out to find your fortune at the very least.  At its worst it can kill your … [Read more...]

Bookkeepers – Do You Need to Talk to Clients About Rate Increases?

When you read that headline, did it hit you in the pit of your stomach?  If so, you’re not alone. It’s hard to talk about money because there are a lot of issues surrounding money.  It expresses where we are in your relationships with clients, your family, friends, objects and yourself. There are two things that make it especially hard to have this “money conversation” and … [Read more...]