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Ready for a Full Practice

If you’re in the first few years of your business, making $50k or less, and you’re looking to make more money consistently, stop trading hours-for-dollars and get paid what your worth, your primary focus needs to be on basic business systems.

Ready for Leverage

If you’ve already got a pretty successful freelance practice are making between $50k and $150k, but you’re at capacity and working too hard, then you are at the point where you can start putting together a team and learn to effectively delegate and automate your marketing. Basically, it’s time to leverage your business.

Ready to Expand

If you already run a successful freelance practice, make at least $150k, and you know that you’re ready to create a much bigger business, it’s time to remove you from day-to-day operations, scale your business model, expand your visibility in the marketplace and be a true CEO.

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